Electric Spot Cleaning Gun
Used for fast and efficient removal of Spots, Dirt and Stains on fabric, textiles, machines, IC boards, etc.



Model CM-11

Price $79.99



Model CM-11A

Same as CM11 but with
adjustable spray nozzle.

Price $89.99


       Adjustable nozzle only.
          Price $14.99


The Arrow textile cleaning guns are self-pressurized. The operation is quite simple and convenient and works best with general cleaning liquid or solvents.


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CM11 $79.99
CM11A $89.99 with adjustable nozzle
CM12 Adjustable Nozzle Only $14.75

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The screw-button at the back side of the gun is used to control the pressure of the spray; turning to the left is strong and to the right is weak. Using the "weak" is particularly important when dealing with lighter, finer and woven fabrics.

These spray guns use ordinary house current.
(110 volts in the US).

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