SEWSTRONG Model SS-400 & SS-550
Clutch-less Electronic Servo Motor with Variable Speed


This newly designed SEWSTRONG Electronic Servo motor was specially conceived to replace your older industrial Clutch motor. It is simple to use and highly energy efficient. The SEWSTRONG Electronic Servo motor is half the weight of the average clutch motor (20 Pounds), which makes installation is a breeze. Unlike clutch motors, it does not generate any appreciable heat.

Key Features;
* Adjustable acceleration and deceleration

*Uses Volts 110 60Hz ordinary house current with standard
  3 Prong USA Male Plug

*Easy Installation (Instructions Included)

*Adjustable speed control knob with 11 R.P.M.

*Energy saving of 70% compared to a standard clutch motor

*Smaller and lighter in weight (20 lbs)

*Sealed Bearings for smooth and quiet operation allows
  motor to run virtually noiseless

*Greater versatility - can be used on both high and low
  speed sewing machines.
*Easy Reverse switch for Sergers, Overlocks, Blindstitch
  Machines (See motor backside)
*Built in 110 Volt Light Tap (See motor backside)
*Belt Tension Adjuster


*Pulley (INSTALLED) 2 1/2" inside diameter (STANDARD)
(other Pulley sizes available)
*Wired on off Switch with 6 ft power line cord (2 mounting
 wood screws included)
* Mounting bolts with rubber isolators
* Cable staplers
* Belt Pulley Guard
* 2 Extra Long Life Motor Brushes
* 1 Extra Motor Brake
* 1 Extra Safety Overload Fuse

Please read all manufacturers specifications and motor instructions before installation.


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Quiet, High Torque, Energy Saver with 11 R.P.M. speed settings.

Designed for industrial sewing machines.



R.P.M Settings from 0 (3450 R.P.M. Max)

Price Each

SS-400 1/2 HP (400 WATTS) 60Hz 350, 660, 970, 1280, 1590, 1900, 2210, 2520, 2830, 3140, 3450


SS-550 3/4 HP (550 Watts) 60Hz 350, 660, 970, 1280, 1590, 1900, 2210, 2520, 2830, 3140, 3450


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  SS-400 $135.99    SS-550 $155.99

Manufacturer's Warranties:
90 Days labor in defects in materials and workmanship. 180 Days on Motor.

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