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 Ho Hsing's MJ series is designed to be fitted
on a simple lockstitch, chainstitch, blindstitch, overlock or cover stitch.
With its powerful 600 Watt motor and the possibilities of needle positioning,
magnetic trimmer, pneumatic presserfoot lift and needle cooling signal (motorrun signal),
the MJ series can be used on a great variety of machines including medium
weight triple transport machines.

1 Synchroniser is included in the price
2 Parameter free, simple settings by dipswitch
3 Sewing speed adjustable by speed knob
4 80 % Energy saving, 20 % Efficiency increase
5 Low noise, low vibration
6 Environmental product; less polution


Functions MJ-1-00-220
Motor type 600 W - 3500 rpm
Power voltage range Single Phase: 200~240 V
Available pulley size 50-130 mm
(Standard: 90 mm)
Needle Up / down
Presser Foot Lifter (pneumatic)
Needle Cooling (Motor run signal)
Reverse at Stop
Power Transistor Protection
Power Module Protection
Input Signal Port 0
Solenoid Signal Output Port 1
Air Valve Output Port 3
Gross Weight 6.0 kgs
Packing Dimension

L x W x H = 380 x 300 x 220 mm.




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