ALL-STAR 3 1/2 inch Round Knife Precision Cutting Machine 
Equipped with built in knife sharpener.

Suitable for trimming cotton, wool, denim
linen, canvas, vinyl, leather and chemical fiber goods, etc.
Runs on ordinary house current.
Cuts up to 2 1/2 inches of material.


#ALL-STAR AS-350 $195.99

Blade for AS-350 (#AF350B152) $8.50
Emery Wheel for AS-350  (#B128) $5.50
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Included; Tools, oil, extra blade, extra emery wheel and instructions.

Just plug it in and start cutting!

Price $195.99

Made in Taiwan

(88.9MM) Also same as part #'s (85012) (FRC-16) (HTK-3-1/2) (R3-1/2) (RF16) Same 3 1/2 " blade as CONSEW, HITAKA (CUCHILLA)

Prices do not include freight.

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