Marker and Pattern Adhesive
Metal Drawers
Mini-Sewing Machine
Mini-Sewing Machine (Lockstitch)
Mini-shear Cutter
Mitsubishi Servo Motor
Motors Clutch
Motor Cleaner and Degreaser
Motor, Continuous Run
Motor Pulleys
Mundial Scissors & Shears

Needles for Dennison Tagging Gun
Needle Plate (Standard) for Plain Sewers
Needles for Industrial Machines
Needle Size Reference Table
Nothers, Pattern

Oak Belting
On-Off Switch
Organ Needles
Overlocks Industrial

Pattern Notchers
Plastic Draw
Plastic Fasteners

Racing Pullers
Reese Knives S2
Right Angle Binder Sets
Rotary Cutters
Rotary Cutter Manual
Rotary Hooks
Round Leather Belting
Rubber Leg Cushion

Safety Gloves
Scissors/Shears Wiss
Scissor Sharpeners
Screw Punch
Screws for Plain sewers
Sealed Beam Light Bulbs
Sergers Industrial
Screw Punch
Sewing Chairs
Sewing Machine Oil
Servo Motor
Singer Consumer Parts Charts
Singer Industrial Parts Charts
Singer Industrial Service Manuals
Singer Industrial Sewing Machine
Single Phase Switch
Silver-Star ES90 Iron
Solenoid Foot Lifters
Speed Reducer
Spot Cleaning Guns
Spot and Stain Remover
Spray Adhesive
Spray Chemicals
Stand Parts
Stain Remover
Steaming Equipment
Steel Drawers
Steel Legs
Straight Cutting Machine
Strip Cutting Machine
Super-Kleen Cleaning Fluid
Switch for Sewing Machine

T Pins
Table Pins
Table Tops
Table Truck
Tabling Accessories
Tag Guns
Tailor Crayons
Teflike Spray
Textile Label Gun
Thread Stands
Thread Trimmer
Thread Winder (Bobbin)
Thread Winder (Spools)
Tie Turner
Treadle Rods
Treadle Rod Extension

"U" Type Bobbin
"V" Belts
Welting Feet (Single)
Welting Feet Double Toe
Wiss Scissors/Snips
Wolff Scissor Sharpener



Heavy Duty K-Legs

Speed Reducer

Feed Rail Plug



General Purpose Motor


Steaming Equipment



Sewing Machines


Double Needle Machine

 Needle Feed Machines

Skiving Machine



Travel Steamer

Rotary Tool System


 Thread Stands

Belt Turners






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